Box Heads Unblocked Games at School or College [BoxHead Unblocked Version]

Box Heads Unblocked game is adventurous game like Zombie attacking. This game has so many versions like Box Heads (A Halloween Special). And Box Heads (The Rooms and More Rooms) and Box Heads (The Series). But the theme of this game is same for all versions. We can play any of the above listed games in online with the use of flash player. If you are not able to play this game in your browser, update the flash player. The Unblocked Boxhead games is supportable to all your devices like windows or Mac. You can also play the boxhead unblocked games on android or iOS devices.

In this game you have to shoot out heads of enemies, This game is all about shooting with guns only. One more thing that you have to remember is you have to kill all the Zombies to move to the next level of this game. In same way you will get updated weapons and bombs to kill zombies with single attack. In this game we have single and multiplayer option to fight with zombies.

About Box Heads Unblocked Game

This Unblocked Bixhead games are A Sean Cooper game and you can find all games developed them in their own site. We can get this game in two variations as Box Heads and Box Heads2. These two games both are same and they comes under shooting games. While playing this game you have to select players option as single or multiple. And Among this you have to select your key player. In this game you can select both options at a time and also we can change level at what level you want to play.

In the home page of this game at down side you will can see different versions. If you want to play them then click on that then can redirect to game directly. One more thing is same in all these games that are control keys. Which are Arrows to move to directions and Space bar for firing zombies. With the use of these keys you can play this game at your school and office. In this Box Heads Unblocked while when you select cooperative player. In that, the control keys will be different for second player. That is A for left direction, W for upward, S for downward and D for right side direction.

But the firing unit for both players is Space bar only. And if you want to change control you can with the use of controls option in home page. By selecting this option you can change different keys to two players to play. After completing your level it will ask  you name to save you high score. If you want type you can otherwise click on retry to play game to more score.

How to Play Box Heads Unblocked Games at School on Windows PC or Laptop, Android or iOS

By seeing all the above information you people can think that how to get this game to play. But no worry about that because we need to download and install this game from any site. In this gamesclix site we are going to provide this unblocked game to play it on online. I think again you are getting doubt on how to play this in online. Don’t worry we are going to give instructions set below to follow them.

  • Choose your option at home page of this game i.e Single player of Cooperation and then select you level to play.
  • In the next screen of this game you can change your shooter and also level. But this is section is common for both single and multi players.
  • Click on level screen to play game and use control key as we given above to shoot zombies and get high score to share.

Note :

In multi player same key will not work for both shooter. We have to change them in controls section. Otherwise use above given controls for cooperation.

Play Unblocked Boxhead Games at School PC or College Laptop on Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista/Xp or Android, iPhone iPad

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