Bad Ice Cream Unblocked Games at School on PC Windows or Mac in 2016

Are you looking to download bad ice cream unblocked games at school or college?. This article will help you download and play as well if you are really looking for it. Bad Ice cream game unblocked is developed by Nitrome. And it is a puzzle game like any other puzzle games for pc or android. The game consists of three main characters which are frozen bad ice creams. Though there are many such unblocked games at school or college, this is the famous one. Even children can play this game at their schools or colleges. No need to worry about the game as it’s completely unblocked.

About the Game Bad Ice Cream Unblocked

Let me tell you something about the game bad ice cream. The game is having different versions like bad ice cream 2 unblocked and even advanced. But let me tell you something cool about the game. Bad ice cream 2 unblocked is the 2nd version of the base game we are talking of. There are lot more improvisations in the latest versions of the game. But you have complete freedom of choosing the version of the game to play. But before that, going through the game and it’s gameplay would definitely help you for sure.

The gameplay of the game bad ice cream unblocked is simple yet interesting. The play needs to collect the fruits while playing the game. The game is of course multiplayer but maximum number of the players is limited to 2 only. Players can use the keyboard keys like W,A,S,D and to move forward, backward and Left, Right. Those keys can be used by the first player and Use “F” key to create a new ice cube.

Coming to the Second Player in the game bad ice cream 2 unblocked or 1. You can use the arrow keys given in the keyboard of the pc or laptop. So that you will be able to play with another player from the single keyboard or single pc. Second Player can use the Enter or Space key to create the ice cube like player 1.

How to Play Bad Ice Cream Unblocked Games at School on Windows 10/8.1/7 Pc or Mac, Android, iPhone

Let me help you play bad ice cream unblocked game at your school or college in 2016. Till now we have seen some basics of the game and gone through the basic information of the game. Creating the ice cubes is simple is that and does not need any special skills for sure.

There will be three varieties of the ice cream in the game. And the player needs to choose the ice cream to start playing. The game is having nearly 40 levels with awesome advanced gameplay. You will definitely fall in love with this bad ice cream unblocked games in 2016. Player need to avoid the melt down of the ice cream throughout the 40 levels of the game. Else you the player will loose the game and that’s the end. Animals will be trying to eat you nothing but the ice cream. You need to collect the fruits while playing the game by avoiding the melt downs. That is the gameplay of the game bad ice cream unblocked in 2016.

Play Bad Ice Cream Unblocked or Bad Ice Cream 2,3,4,5 on Windows 10/8.1/7 PC or Mac in 2016 (Android or iPhone)

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